APK Download – Samsung In-Traffic Reply 1.3.3 by Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V.

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This app sends fun responses to incoming messages on your behalf while you’re behind the wheel. In this way, you can be social and keep your attention on the road, which contributes to traffic safety.

The app uses your telephone’s sensors to determine your current activity. So when you’re on your bike or riding in a vehicle, In-Traffic Reply is automatically activated. You will receive a notification when the app is activated, so that you can switch it off again immediately if you’re not behind the wheel at that moment, such as when you’re a passenger rather than the driver.

The app sends an automatic response to notifications coming in from your social apps. But don’t worry, your contacts will only receive one In-Traffic Reply per journey. So if someone sends you several messages in a row, the app will respond only once with an In-Traffic Reply to that sender.

The app recognises the notifications on your phone and only looks at the sender in order to send an automatic reply. You can choose from responses consisting of a ready-made text with a fun film clip or gif, or you can create your own, personalised response.

To ensure that the app is always activated, you can add the app to ‘unmonitored apps’. In-Traffic Reply won’t work if the app is included under ‘sleeping apps’ or ‘always sleeping apps’ under your battery settings.

If you set up In-Traffic Reply correctly, the app will work automatically. If you still have a question, we have already answered the most frequently asked questions.



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