How to Play Videos on Pop-Up Window on VideoBuddy App

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VideoBuddy app allows videos to be played on a pop-up window. While watching a video on a pop-up window, you can use any other app. This post guides how to watch a video on pop-up window in the app.

VideoBuddy is a well known music and video streaming app on Android which allows users to download or watch movies, TV series etc. for free. In an earlier post I wrote about how to download Youtube Video on VideoBuddy app. And, this time it is all about using the pop-up window on the app.

How to Play Videos on Pop-Up Window on VideoBuddy App

VideoBuddy APK Download link

You can Download the VideoBuddy app and install it using the following links:
[button anchor=”Video Buddy” url=”” size=”medium” style=”default” color=”primary”]

How to enable Pop-up window on VideoBuddy?

Once you have downloaded and installed the VideoBuddy APK, you can use the following guide to enable the pop-up window on the app:

  • Play a video which you want to watch.
  • Once the video starts playing, touch anywhere on the video playback area, which will show up some of the options. Click on the pop-up window button as shown in the below screenshot.
    Click on pop-up window on the app
  • On the next screen where the app asks to allow for pop-up window video playback, click on Allow
    CLick allow to enable pop up window
  • Next comes the app’s permission screen. Enable the Display pop-up window option.
    Enable allow pop-up window
  • Once you press the back button, the video will be on a floating pop-up window.
  • You can use the pop-up window option to watch video anywhere; on home screen, while browsing website, while downloading app from Play Store, while chatting, literally anywhere.
    Below are some screenshots of the pop-up window on the app:
  • You can use multi finger to expand or contract the video window size. Following are some of the full width screen video plating screenshots:
    Stretch with multi finger to expnad pop up window width

How to go back to normal screen from the Pop-up window on VideoBuddy:

Once you are on the pop-up screen, at some point of time you have to go back to the normal viewing mode to either stop the video or exit from VideoBuddy completely. Follow the below instructions to exit from pop-up window viewing:

  • While you are watching on the pop-up window outside the VideoBuddy app, you cannot exit from there.
    See the below screenshot where the pop-up window option is not visible when I am out of the VideoBuddy app:
    Pop up window option not visible on videobuddy
  • To disable pop-up window, you have to open the VideoBuddy app.
  • From there, now touch anywhere on the video plating area to see the pop-up window setting again. Click the button to disable pop-up window viewing.
    pop up window button visible again
  • Here you go back to the normal viewing mode.
    back to normal viewing on videobuddy

That’s all on enabling and disabling floating pop-up window viewing on VideoBuddy. For more of such how to guides, Android app download and game download, stay tuned.

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