2047 CCG Mod APK

In the casual card game 2047 CCG, players choose 24 cards from their deck and use various strategies to handle unpredictable situations, vie for strategic points, and claim victory.


The game is set in 2047 CCG, where six factions rule the world:

-Mindroids, an alliance of robots fighting for equal rights and freedom;
-The Empire, humans who believe in the purity of the human race;
-The Federation, a corrupt power with global influence;
-Hive Corporation manufactures cyborgs for a considerable profit;
-The Blight, a territory inhabited by mutant survivors of a nuclear accident;
-Humans that have abandoned their physical forms and entered the Matrix.

In addition to these factions, there are the “Neutrals”, intelligent beings aligned with no faction.

A war is coming!

【Key Features】
1. New cards, new gameplay
Hundreds of original cards offer a refreshing card-game experience. Control two out of three strongholds to claim victory.

2. Easy-to-play casual game
Short games take 2-10 minutes to play, and simple gameplay only requires one hand.

3. New PvP mode – Research Lab
Choose a scientist and battle players in the Research Lab. Research to build and enhance your deck, creating a unique experience for each battle.

4. Original puzzles
Solve well-designed brainteasers in Puzzle mode to earn cards. Then, design your own puzzles to test your friends.

5. Create unique decks & strategies
Countless cards allow players to customize their decks and create new strategies.

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